Tips to make web design SEO friendly

For any business to gain success online it is important to design its website in an attractive and creative way. But if the website does not hold good position in the search engine then it will ruin its popularity among the users. So web designing and SEO often goes hand in hand. To boost your brand it is necessary to design your website in a creative style and at same time increase its ranking in the search engines. SEO web design plays an incredible role in your online presence and helps to make site more catchable for users and search engine both. Thus your company becomes more profitable and beating out competitors.


Techniques used

Professional web designers use different techniques while designing websites in order to make their web design compatible with SEO. Some of them are discussed below

  • Integration of social media: Social media is valuable to search engines so to the prospective customers. Incorporation of social media elements into website design helps the websites to attain top position in the search engines. Besides, it will get more users that may become your customer afterwards.
  • Moderate use of Java scripts: While designing your website avoid excessive use of java script. As search engines crawl through websites to determine their ranking and exorbitant use of java script may leave crawling issues. Besides, JavaScript doesn’t work well in mobile devices which may negatively affect the number of visitors to the site.
  • URL to be SEO friendly: While creating URL for your site few things should be keep in mind. URL must not be long and it should be related to your business so that the users get an idea about the products and services offered. Use keywords that can easily be remember and convenient to type.

Of course, there are some other techniques like optimized images, fast navigation etc. Using all these, when you build your website it boosts your brand and steps you ahead among competitors.

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