Movie Day at ValueMags

La La Land won 6 Golden Globes on Sunday night and the whole ValueMags team was watching. The team was excited to announce to their employees that because of the Golden Globe record breaker, they were going to have a movie afternoon to watch the two hour love and dreamers movie. La La Land won for: best actor in a picture musical or comedy (Ryan Gosling), best actress in a picture musical or comedy (Emma Stone),  best musical or comedy motion picture, best director of a motion picture (Damien Chazelle), best original score (Justin Hurwitz), and best screenplay of a motion picture (Damien Chazelle). Although the guys at ValueMags complain that La La Land is a chick flick and that it only promotes love, many critics (male) claim that the movie moved them and made them want to give love a chance again. Love can come in many forms but it should never discourage you. It should be uplifting and push you to want to give.


Beside, ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz strongly believes that having relaxing time to defuse and decompress is necessary to create good team synergy. Th “chick flick” gives co-workers the opportunity to tease each other and be playful with other, bringing them closer together by hopefully increasing their appreciation for each other, especially between the male and female workers. In many instances, taking time as a team has proven to improve the effectiveness of a team’s work and their profits. For example, Google has many outlets for their employees to defuse or bind with each other. Degenholtz aspires to push ValueMags in that direction so ValueMags becomes one of the best marketing companies in North America.

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