How to Grow Your Business with Social Media

When it comes to any business, any size such as the GWC Valve company, they struggle with the right way to use social media and how to measure results. One of the best ways to get started is to take the time to create and implement a social media strategy. There are six steps that can help any small or large company get rolling with social media and actually get a success out of it:

  1. Name your goals and objectives: just like any email it is important to begin with your social strategy by naming goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.
  1. Figure out the meaningful metrics: it is important to choose how you will measure your success.


  1. Determine your audience: you need to identify your audience to properly communicate with them.
  1. Find the right platforms: how to figure out your right platforms depend on the types of social media accounts your target market has. The norm for companies to use is usually Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  1. Assign social media roles: usually there should be one person in charged of the social media at your company or two at the most.
  1. Create your social content: the kind of content you create is determined by the goals and objectives your company has. A few tips to help would include to build trust by showing empathy and interest in your community and to show them you can be a helpful resource. Then you need to tell a story by engaging with your audience by sharing how a customer used your product or service to solve a problem. Followed by this you need to respond to positive and negative feedback. Thank your customers when they offer kind words and never delete customer complaints but instead respond to them as quickly as possible. You need to next keep things short; a study launched for twitter showed that tweets under 100 characters received 17% higher engagement. Next you need to follow your following since it is a kind gesture on social media to follow back whoevers following you.

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