BMW and ValueMags

Known for aggressiveness and innovation, BMW has an image it promises to uphold for their customers explains ValueMags executives. ValueMags has recently been trying to find magazines that offer car deals for their car interested market. They have placed themselves in a position to differentiate their cars with strategy, attention to detail, and high end German engineering. Their attention to detail is so precise, they have technicians specializing sounds for each segment brand and have physiologist designing seats for each vehicle. The mini-cooper (owned by BMW) will alarm the driver with a cuter, more high pitched sound rather than a classy, longer, sophisticated sound one may find in a Rolls Royce (owned by BMW). Each segment of automobiles (RR, BMW, Mini) are targeted towards buyers with common needs and characteristics although serve different purposes.


Each segment is marketed towards a higher income bracket, Rolls Royce being the highest. Additionally, the brands promote luxury and superiority appealing to their psyche and lifestyles. Most purchasing these vehicles are working for themselves, on their way there, or hold high positions within a company. Also, ValueMags researchers believe that customers of BMW and its subsidiary companies are busy people that identify with a prestigious image that they intend to uphold. By associating with BMW, customers are assured an ultimate driving machine with technical promise.

Nonetheless, each segment is more specifically directed to different markets. The Mini-Cooper is the least expensive of the three. Most often, young to middle-aged women will drive them. Following, the BMW is initially bought by both men and women and the purchase was likely easy to finance. Lastly, the Rolls Royce is targeted solely to the wine and cheese crowds. The high end car has been featured in James Bond and promoted alongside Elvis. Owning a Rolls Royce, places buyers in an elite class, above all other car owners.

Withal, ValueMags knows that to remain at the forefront of their customer’s minds and a household name, BMW adds features and services to their products to enhance the value and experience. Buyers will have a positive experience while in the process of purchasing one of BMW’s vehicles as each is presented with class, almost like employees put on a show for the buyer. Customers can customize their cars, as far as embedding an image on the seat(s). One man requested the United States national animal, the bald eagle be sewn to his head rest. BMW’s attention to detail, innovation, and design, recognizable in the way it’s chosen to grow makes them the most competitive company on the market, ahead of Audi and Mercedes Benz.

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